Radial drilling machine JLZ80X25

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Radial drilling machine JLZ80X25

Radial drilling machine JLZ80X25


 Gather mechanical-electrical-hydraulic functions, use extensively.

● The speed and feed of the machine tool have a wide range of speed changes, which can be operated by motor, manual, and inching, and the feed can be easily switched on or off at any time; the feed safety mechanism is safe and reliable, and the clamping of each part is convenient and reliable;

● The displacement error of the spindle is small when it is loosened and clamped. The speed change control mechanism is concentrated on the spindle box, which is convenient for operation and speed change. The hydraulic power realizes the clamping of each part and the speed change of the spindle, which is sensitive and reliable.

 The castings use the best batching process and pouring equipment to ensure the high quality of the basic parts of the machine tool;

● The main key components are processed by imported machining centers, with high precision and high efficiency, which ensures the stable and reliable quality of the machine tools;

● The parts of the spindle group are made of special high-quality steel, and the world-class heat treatment equipment is used to ensure the high strength and wear resistance of the machine tool;

 The main gears are grinding to ensure machine height and low noise.                                                                         

Main specifications:

Radial drilling machine JLZ80X25


In plywood box/ pallet


Usually the delivery time takes 60 days. But it also depends on different machines with different configurations. Please contact us to confirm it is in stock or not.


We prefer to do 100% T/T (30% T/T in advance, 70% T/T before shipment)


The warranty period is general 13 months after B/L date. During the warranty period, we will provide free replacement parts (EXW) which caused by machine itself quality problems. Meanwhile, the machine should be under normal operation according to Operation Manual.(Except for improper operation or man-made damaged by buyers)

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